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We love to hear about cats who are enjoying their Modern Cat Designs condos. We especially love to receive your photos. If you have some shots of your kitty enjoying our furniture, please send them to us here and we’ll post them on the website!

“My house really was not designed to accomodate a cat box… I searched for something attractive that I wouldn’t mind looking at. This is the best and only solution I found. This cabinet sits at the end of my hall, front and center outside of everyone’s bedroom door. And I don’t mind seeing it there at all. I am quite proud of it actually.”

“We’ve got 5 cats; they are constantly scratching and playing around the Condo. We have been amazed how well it’s been holding up to the constant traffic!”
Richie & Erika
Richmond, Virginia

“Millennium and Seven love their Condo, thanks!”
Atlanta, Georgia

“Marley and Lucy want to thank you for giving them somewhere to hang out clear of the dogs….it’s definitely an improvement over their old worn-out condo.”
Lauren & Greg
Los Angeles, California

“My kitties absolutely love their new condo, but of course they would because they have good taste! It is Brancusi meets cat condo! I moved the fleece linings from the old condo into the new space, and they immediately took to it. And you were right, it is incredibly stable. Thirty pounds of kitty cannot tip it even in rough play! Since they are always vying for the upper level, I have not been able to get a pic of both of them in it. But as soon as I do I will send it. We love it!! Thanks Ian!”
Patianne, and the boys Pierre and Henri

“Thank you very much for the beautiful kitty condo!! Wow!! It just arrived today. Gosh, it’s so stylish and my little furball rascal loves it. I’ll definitely send a picture your way. Thank you again!!”
Sincerely, Kerry

We are proud to have been featured in the New York Post

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