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Tall Modern Cat Condo Featured in “Catio”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a “catio”, essentially it is an enclosed outdoor space that is specifically designed for cats.  The concept of a catio has been getting more and more popular in recent months and there was even a New York Times article about the movement.  Modern Cat's Catio

So why would we be telling you about the latest in Catio design?  Because Kate Benjamin, the founder of leading cat site has recently finished designing her personal Catio.  She’s been featuring other designs on her other site Catio Showcase, but it wasn’t until now that she has decided to show the world her cat’s personal paradise.

As you can see, among other things the Tall Modern Cat Condo is featured in her catio!  This is a representation of the high quality product that we offer here at Modern Cat Designs, and it is great to see someone use it in such a unique fashion. 

Check out either of Kate’s sites for more information on how to create your own Catio, and give us a call at 888.408.9515 to help with the furnishings!

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